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Brilliant parody!

Fictive learning

I’m especially fond of knowing the right word or phrase to describe an idea; this is the second time I’ve encountered the term ‘fictive learning’ and now it finally stuck with me.

Explaining stock market bubbles as a failure of fictive learning.

It never ceases to fascinate me how muddled our thinking can be when we believe ourselves to be thinking clearly and rationally.

You don’t say?

Internet users now have more and closer friends than those offline

So much for “RL”.



Terry Pratchett goes to Dignitas…

Significant in that it’s release also coincides with Terry’s decision to file for his own assisted death with the Dignitas organization, this is, by and large, the kind of documentary one would expect, given the sources involved. What makes it remarkable, however, is to show just how ultimately straight-forward and painless the procedure actually is.

At an hour, the video runs long (especially for youtube), but it’s worth viewing in it’s entirety simply because the narrative lends an impact to the conclusion that won’t be felt if one just fast-forwards to the end.

You are not so smart…

I’m fond of this blog, which tracks various kinds of cognitive disconnects. Here’s an example of something called ‘The Backfire Effect‘. Submitted for your inspection without comment, but I feel it captures the dynamic quite nicely.

Death Grips

Start here.

I can’t say how good it is to find new music that I genuinely like. Be warned: this is not Barry Manilow. It’s somewhere between street-corner psychotic raving and skinny puppy.

Shot it up, get it hot, what
I know you know you said too much,
Did too much, way too much
Fuck that shit man that shit sucks

It’s raw enough to create the appearance of having no production values whatsoever and tight enough to slap you up side the head the instant you begin wondering if it’s just noise.

Why are you even HERE?!?

You should be reading Serocity, the blog of TeeVee writer Kay Reindl. I have nothing to add except to say that I’ve found it so eminently readable, I believe I’m going to wind up reading every last post.

You have your orders. Go!