Terry Pratchett goes to Dignitas…

Significant in that it’s release also coincides with Terry’s decision to file for his own assisted death with the Dignitas organization, this is, by and large, the kind of documentary one would expect, given the sources involved. What makes it remarkable, however, is to show just how ultimately straight-forward and painless the procedure actually is.

At an hour, the video runs long (especially for youtube), but it’s worth viewing in it’s entirety simply because the narrative lends an impact to the conclusion that won’t be felt if one just fast-forwards to the end.

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    • jane
    • June 14th, 2011

    I couldn’t watch it … got as far as the instructions about having to down it in one, and how you have to take the other thing first or you’ll vomit up the poison .. it brought back the whole pill-swallowing difficulty thing, and I turned it off. I didn’t want to watch the guy die, though I fully agree with the possibility.

    • Max Bell
    • June 14th, 2011

    Really? I have to admit; Nembutal (the drug employed by Dignitas) is not my first choice, but that said, I found the specific sequence reassuring none the less. Reminded me exactly of all the animals I’ve sat with while the vet put them down — specifically, that it was a very peaceful transition into sleep and no more.

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