Dear Hollywood…

The reason your sci-fi sucks?

You’re all on Macs. Final Draft on your MacBook. Twitter on your iPad. iTunes on your iPhone.

Would be a great, seamless utopia. EXCEPT YOU’RE LOST. ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Unless you’re Mark Sheppard, and if you’re not, you should hang on his every word.

Golden Age science fiction writers were all science geeks, though. Nowadays, you have to be a computer geek, too. It’s really no different than needing to learn how to handle a gun if you’re going to write a cop drama. Occasionally, you’ll catch examples of where people really get it — “Leverage” probably owes a whole hell of a lot to it’s art director, for example, but yeah — they come out a little more believable than CSI a lot of the time.

You need to put in the work, though. Get a PC, get some games, and troubleshoot your way through the installation and playing of them. THEN write about the FBI’s network infrastructure.

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