Why are you even HERE?!?

You should be reading Serocity, the blog of TeeVee writer Kay Reindl. I have nothing to add except to say that I’ve found it so eminently readable, I believe I’m going to wind up reading every last post.

You have your orders. Go!

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    • ari
    • May 23rd, 2011

    Have been very worried about you ever since you introduced the word “hospice” into your writing. Now you seem to be telling us to go elsewhere for intelligent entertainment. I appreciate your caring enough to give us links because, as you said, the drugs often leave you too tired to write. Is there really no hope? You’re far too young for this!!! I’m so angry, but, because I’m agnostic, I’m not sure at whom to shake my fist.

    Re Kay Reindl, I followed the link and read some of her work. You’re right (as usual); she’s very good. And I’m even more impressed since I learned she was a writer and editor for Millenium. Gruesome as it was, I loved that series, and now will check out anything with Lance Henriksen (also made me love Terry O’Quinn, way before Lost). Thanks for the heads up.

    Hang in there, and know you’re loved.

      • Max Bell
      • May 23rd, 2011


      The short answer is no, I can’t be fixed. The long-form “why” of it is buried in bits and pieces of the blog; I cringe every time I look up and see that I’ve been whining and yet find that the illness itself is sufficiently consuming that it leaves me little else to talk about.

      The title was just sarcastic, though; am still reading my way backward through Kay’s blog, myself, and really enjoying the anecdotes about television as an industry. I would consider her and I to have a bit in common in terms of general outlook; she seems to take a lot more benevolent view of shows I won’t watch because, well, that’s her job; Castle, for example, has great dialog AND Nathan Fucking Fillion, and hey. But I won’t watch it and I tried.

      It’s a cop show.

      Still, it’s very entertaining reading.

      As for me, I’m contemplating self-publishing an unfinished novel (if I can finish it) here, as I lately have had less and less ability to give a rat’s ass about current events. It’s not that they aren’t interesting or worthy of attention, I simply no longer have any personal stake in them. Makes it very difficult to blog.

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