Calling it

I’ve tweeted it a couple of times, but I want to be on record just so that nobody misses it. The current season of Spartacus is must-see, the way AMC’s Walking Dead was. As regrettable as Andy Whitfeild’s circumstances are, if there was ever any even hypothetical doubt that DeKnight and Co could deliver an all-villain yarn, it got blown out of the water. John Hannah and Lucy Lawless were good together last season, but now you’d think they’d been working together for decades. It’s still as visceral and delightfully profane as ever; the Flintstones for grownups, if there is such a thing.

The other thing I wanted to talk about was the BSG online game syfy’s been working on forever. I’ve never been sparing in my assessment of the channel, much less the technical literacy of its online component or merchandising. But general beta-ish glitches notwithstanding, they got this one right. I won’t offer any spoilers, save to say that I’ve been playing as a raptor pilot, and while there are some differences between the show and how it plays, it still looks, sounds and most importantly, feels right.

Getting killed is easy, killing toasters is hard, and accidentally jumping into a sector with a capital ship gets your adrenaline going.

My biggest complaint? Had I been an actual pilot in the series, I would have single-handedly destroyed every raptor between peggy and the bucket in 48 hours. I suck.

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