Are you really that retarded, Kim Jong Un?

So last night’s pissing match between South and Best Korea is probably worth paying attention to, in terms of events on the world stage. It seems like there’s still relatively little risk of a serious flare up, but were one to occur, a shooting war of any substance that we did not directly control would definitely throw a wrench in the works.

So far, there isn’t a lot of detail forthcoming; from what I can tell, Kim Jong Un is giving the military a hand job because, well? North Korea is starving (North Korea is always starving). And yes, if you’re taking over as supreme dictator, you want to be on your army’s good side to avoid military coups and that sort of thing, but.

This strikes me as bush-league Machiavellianism. Not that I would expect sophistication from a regime promoting “CNC” as some kind of industrial miracle of prosperity, but you should never confuse bullshitting the hoi polloi with bullshitting yourself. Hopefully the drugs are wearing off enough for this thing to sensibly deescalate, now.

Meanwhile? The Buffy controversy rages on.

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