Well, that settles it, then.

Just got off the phone with the infectious diseases specialist, and the result of my CT scan from Monday is that the Voriconazole didn’t have any effect. I was surprised and a little disappointed to learn that I’d apparently developed pneumonia again according to the scan prior to Monday’s, mostly because nobody said anything about it until now.

I’m glad that I have some experience with this sort of thing and the wherewithal to learn a little bit about it in the interest of knowing what to expect — the alternative would have been to be completely in the dark at this stage. Conversely, I’m also angry with myself for allowing myself to become too invested in the outcome. My first priority was to keep my shit straight and not let this thing get me down, and I walked right into it.

That said? The irony helps quite a bit and the real take-away is that there’s no chance I will wind up in this same position twice.

Here’s to truly not giving a fuck and having no reason to.

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    • Uriel
    • November 14th, 2010

    From what I read on here and Twitter you seem to be coping well.

    I on the other hand feel like a foolish mess. Lauren Bacall utters a line in “Boy with a Horn” – I think that is the name of the film (and what a title) – along the lines of “It must be nice to wake up in the morning and know who you are”. That’s me.

    • Max Bell
    • November 14th, 2010

    Yeah. Outside of escalating into a heated and circumstantially trite pissing match with my brother over something inconsequential with my brother last night, it’s been pretty mellow. Which isn’t to say there aren’t moments, but they come with the territory.

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