Ross Douchebag

I love Andrew Sullivan. He’s one of those intellectual, conservative ex-pats whom is simply imminently readable to me for his writing style (I should say his staff’s writing style; it’s not like he blogs alone). And apparently he really likes Ross Douthat, of the New York Times.

But then he writes stuff like this:

The Democrats are weeks away from a midterm thumping that wasn’t supposed to happen, and the liberal mind is desperate for a narrative, a storyline, something to ease the pain of losing to a ragtag band of right-wing populists.

Nice, Ross, you misspelled the name of the gal you lead off your story with. But I’m all about the partisan rancor; if you can’t engage, you should at least have fun. And since you pretty much phoned this one in?

The humor falls a little short.

But speaking of desperate narratives?

“You’re afraid, aren’t you?”

Since I’m not a conservative? That would be a “no”. But there’s your tea party narrative (and platform) right there. As a Washington state resident, the only “looming” threat on my horizon has been the Murray/Rossi contest, and as it stands, I’m guessing Rossi won’t even do well enough to get a recount. We may even finally dump Reichert for DelBene.

But that doesn’t really address your claim of imminent liberal butthurt, does it? Oh, wait, “not conservative”, yes, it does. This is going to hurt you more than it does me. And you’re going to get stuck with Mama Dummy in `12.

The liberals can’t concoct a coherent narrative for the tea party? The tea party themselves haven’t been able to do that. And neither they nor establishment republicans have been able to control it, either, leaving them (quite well) branded as the party of ridicule, a proposition that they not only created for themselves by dint of their own lack of media savvy but unable to communicate even to their own base outside of facebook.

Which is the point that you’re missing; the tea party is not a liberal liability, it’s an American liability. And the weight of that liability will fall on conservatives, not liberals.

The most charitable thing I can say about the pseudo-libertard teabaggers is that some of them are finally acknowledging that they’re voting for gridlock. But they’re still mostly firmly convinced that they’re going to be able to move forward with some kind of agenda.

But for the sake of the country’s finances, liberals should hope that the Tea Party proves their most convincing story wrong.

Why is that on us? After all, if this is all being played for partisan advantage, aren’t we ahead to be able to say “Hey, you’ve sat around with your thumb up your ass for two years and done nothing but bitch about how you can’t find grounds to impeach?”

We don’t have liberal problems. We don’t have conservative problems. We have American problems. And all this supposed butthurt is predicated on a political movement symbolized by it’s refusal to engage at all.

There’s your narrative, buddy.

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