The shape of things to come

Fuck. Let’s start by getting the numbers out there.

$787 billion dollars. The cost of the stimulus.
$3.9 trillion dollars. The cost of a collection of tax cuts (including an extension of all the Bush tax cuts) proposed by Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell.


What’s wrong with this picture?

Nobody’s actually getting any tax cuts. Boehner spiked them a few weeks back, along with the small business stimulus legislation the democrats have been working to get out before the elections. In an effort to try and salvage it, forty-four of them rolled over on support of extending the Bush cuts to everyone, thus including those making a quarter million a year. Regardless, the vote has been stalled until after November, where it still faces a presidential veto if this compromise isn’t achieved.

For all the hype and fanfare, the latest “Contract with America” is an emotional appeal that seeks to convince the reader that republicans intend to create jobs and reduce the deficit by expanding the deficit. Riddled with tea party dog whistles and florid sophism, it is remarkably content-free, but it’s real accomplishment is to obscure the real strategy behind the GOP platform; to shut down the government for the next two years.

In fairness, this is a far more specific and detailed policy position than any I’ve been able to wring out of a teabagger.

That this is going to screw everyone who doesn’t measure their own wealth into the billions is so self-evident that it almost needn’t be said.

But focus needs to be emphasized on the defund/dismantle and obstruct strategy, because at the end of the day, that’s all the number differences after the midterms will really mean.

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