Your shit’s all retarded

What the fuck does “wealthy” mean, anyway?

Really should have seen this coming, but we got sucked into the debate before we had time to react, and now we’re stuck with it. Let’s be clear about this, though. What’s at issue is not “wealth”, but ability to pay. My own position is with the 28% who think the Bush tax cuts should be rolled back for everyone. It’s a bit like the scene in “Road Warrior” where Gibson tells the guy he’s gonna yank the bolt out on a three-count and says “one” and jerks the sucker out.

Unlike other issues that deal with the economy, this one isn’t very complicated.

Want to frame this as an ethical/moral debate? Great. Unemployment’s slightly below 10%, real unemployment being higher. Percentage of the population that’s over a quarter mil a year? 1%. So even if one buys into the narrative that the unemployed simply don’t want to take jobs at McDonalds AND Taco Bell because they’re lazy, you’re not going to be able to make that generalization about 10-15% of the population and have it include everybody, and let’s face it: companies have been downsizing and outsourcing hand over fist because they have the excuse and it’s making them more profitable in the short term.

So we’re gonna load up on more debt because a fraction of a percent might have to move out of Boston or DC or NYC? How does that compare to the folks who have been out of work for the last year, or the ones who DO work at McDonalds and Taco Bell?

Bottom line, the split on the deficit is around 43k and change for every working American. I love listening to folks who act like they just woke up and discovered there was one for the first time. “Gee, things are pretty bad. I should vote for Brand Y!”

Sorry, but Obama was the first time I voted where it WASN’T exclusively about the deficit.

There’s a real issue in the public dialog right now where the “just world fallacy” is driving cognitive dissonance. This is the kind of reasoning that assumes that if somebody got killed with a tazer, they must have done something to provoke it. If you’re poor, it’s because you’re lazy and if you’re rich? It’s because you’re wonderful and you carry the whole world on your shoulders. No relationship to reality, it’s just one of those unquestioned assumptions that you hear so often eventually it just seems normal.

But beyond all the screaming about market fundamentalism and socialism, a permanent financial underclass serves no one, and for all the blah-blah about punishing success and redistribution of misery, unless somebody wants to get serious about liquidating them, the bottom line is that it’s creation is a money pit. What’s at issue is not a governing philosophy, it’s that nationalism is deader than a weasel in a blender. Most of the wealth has been concentrated in multinationals that incorporate, produce and sell outside the US and just happen to have residency, here. Meanwhile? Our credit rating just dropped a notch for the first time.

The millennials are inheriting a global economy where the playing field hasn’t quite leveled out, yet, a population of nine billion, and a timeline that falls on the wrong side of peak-everything. Good luck with that.

The boomers never did figure out where the line was drawn between “get yours” and “take everybody else’s”, but the fact that genX is still pulling the same shit really says a lot about the “post-history” generation.

Trying to frame this as a moral/ethical debate serves no one.

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