How many Obamas does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Give me a fucking BREAK.

Joe Trippi threw this shit up on his blog an hour ago; wasn’t able to ask him if he took it seriously or not because his blog’s now throwing up a database error, but I sure hope not. I used to work for the guy, indirectly (I was very big on Dean’s position on the economy and the deficit) and I respect him enough to wonder if it wasn’t his idea of a joke.

But in case there was anything to it, I’m going to make a prediction of my own, while there’s still a chance to go on record before the mid-terms: the pundits don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.

If the republicans post better than the kind of modest gains they’d otherwise expect running against the incumbent party, I’m going to be very surprised. It’s not that I don’t expect the GOP/Tea Party base to be motivated this election, it’s that the so-called “enthusiasm gap” really strains credibility.

After the inauguration, when everybody was squeeing and high-fiving and I was all STFU, I caught a lot of shit — but I called it then. It was the equivalent of Bush declaring “mission accomplished”. Since then, we’ve had fifty billion different versions of “I could do Obama’s job better”.

Think you’re disillusioned now? Think about how butt-hurt you’re going to be when Boehner’s speaker of the House. Think it won’t be any different than it is now? Isn’t that how we wound up giving these retards a majority when Bush was in office?


Real unemployment’s still 15%, the deficit is doubled, and nobody wants to take any of it seriously.

How bad do things need to be before people get off their asses? I’m not even talking about going out canvassing — I’m just talking about paying fucking attention. Because right now, nobody’s even meeting that infinitesimal requirement. Our elected officials need to grow a spine?

We don’t even have our shit together well enough to demonstrate a modicum of party unity.

Is that harsh? We’re not living under ordinary circumstances, kids. The inability to wave a wand and fix everything should surprise exactly no one. This is the price of living with batshit crazy; and no mistake, we HAVE to live with them. Like it or not, they’re Americans, too, and as we’re about to find out, they can pull a lever like anybody else.

A while back, OFA sent out an email saying they needed to raise $50M by November. Bullshit. All anybody needs to do is vote. That’s all that money will go towards — trying to get some of that 60% that doesn’t bother with non-presidential elections to go to the polls or fill in a dot with a pen.

I’m not too worried about it.

But I’ll be damned if I’ll stand for listening to anyone bitch after the dust clears if this gets fucked up.

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