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Time for the Left to Curb Its Corrosive Contempt

Carol Platt Liebau? Fuck you. Also? You’re wrong.

And if I wanted to summarize your editorial, I could leave it at that.

“… or, more sadly yet, a symptom of the decline of a common public religious faith stressing that all people (yes, even the “unenlightened”) are God’s children, and hence entitled to be treated with a measure of decency and respect.”

Key word: entitled.

Let’s take a look behind the curtain and see what’s really wrong with this picture.

Even if this narrative succeeds, it fails. Why? Because it’s not going to make it outside of the echo chamber of the fringe it was written for. The issue on the table is jobs; the decimation of the middle class. The right can’t talk about that, because they don’t have any interest in doing anything about it. So what do we have, here? Gay marriage. And the Park 51 Community Center.

“… regular Americans have been accused of irrational intolerance.”

Sorry, kids, but irrational intolerance? Is deserving of contempt. And Carol Platt Liebau isn’t making any particular effort to put forward an argument that ISN’T an example of irrational intolerance. Instead, she’s insisting that irrational intolerance be considered on par with, well? Actual reasons.

Seriously. I don’t give a shit about alienating lower Dumbfuckistan. Or the moderates. Or the candy-asses in “professional leftist-land”. And neither should anyone else.

Right now? What we need is the ULTIMATE expression of contempt. Disengage. Completely.

The left’s going to stay on the left and the right’s going to stay on the right and the moderates are going to be disgusted because nobody talked about anything that actually mattered. I’d be hard pressed to believe that Ms. Hyphenated Name gives a fuck one way or the other, save doing her bit to promote wedge-issue identity politics and preserve her share of the Bush tax cuts.

As a Princeton grad who went on to head up the Harvard Law Review and work as a consultant for the usual suspects (including John Ashcroft), I’m pretty sure that she’s actually much more of an “elite” than I am. Certainly I don’t imagine that she gives a shit that I wrote a stupid blog about her sleazy editorial.

Ironically, there’s nothing irrational or emotionalist about the piece. It’s a very calculated attempt to manipulate the hoi polloi with a hand job.

65% of Americans don’t know what the fuck a muslim IS, except possibly “lives in sand” and there are a lot of people shocked to learn that there’s sand two blocks from ground zero. We were perfectly content to not know they existed before and what we’ve learned since isn’t terribly considered since, especially since in this instance, we’ve targeted the good guys.

But she wants you to think she represents a majority and is owed respect because, well? Just because. Don’t you have any decency? Forget that what she’s talking about is Americans denying the rights of other Americans.

Or that the last time we heard all this shit, we were expected to elect McCain and Palin. Next time, it’s just Palin and the Gods only know who else. If that’s who you are or if that’s as smart as you are?

I don’t just have contempt for you; I don’t even have your time of day. Go play in a tar pit and leave the serious shit for the grownups.

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