What the fuck ARE you babbling about?

As much as I abhor those who don’t follow politics (and centrists, who are even worse), I’ve experienced a couple modest sympathy pangs in the last week on account of the fact that you need a cheat sheet to interpret the messages coming out of the right wing anymore. I really shouldn’t have been surprised to learn that the couple of local republicans I’ve supported in the last few years now identify themselves as “independents” — the collapse of the GOP has been nothing if not spectacular. But lately, things have gotten weird, even as weird goes. The derp has been deafening.

Forget the Cordoba mosque — that’s nearly sensible, all things considered. Bottom line, American muslims aren’t doing anybody (much less themselves) by hiding in a closet; the whole thing needs to take a cue from the gays and get up in people’s shit with what they’re about. This is New York, kids, one of the most densely populated cities on the planet; two blocks away may as well be another state. Building a basketball court in the middle of the strip clubs and fast food joints is meaningless (although it will improve property values) and while that will doubtless be equivalent to putting up a great, big target for all the little McVeigh wanna bes, it’s a dialog that needs to be had. Once again, white America is freaking the fuck out and waving the Jesus flag, trying to convince everybody how righteous and patriotic they are.

Bullshit. These things require a lot more thought and effort than putting on a label, and doing a lot of yelling about how xenophobic and self-centered one is doesn’t accomplish more than to embarrass everybody who doesn’t wear the same t-shirt. Better still, it’s a complete turn-off for anybody that does and has more depth and introspection than a Cialis commercial.

On the flip side, one in five Americans “believe” the President is a muslim. If you want a picture of how credulous and formulaic the punditry have become, there couldn’t be a better example than how much “analysis” has gone into figuring out what this “means”.

It’s actually no different than everybody calling him a “socialist” last week, or a “faggot” back when they were in middle school. Of course most of them (except the ones who get all their “information” from forwarded email and water cooler paranoia) know what these things mean and that they don’t actually apply. They DON’T CARE. This is not a sincerely held conviction; its a label intended to convey disgust.

The reality is that the economy (and by extension, unemployment) is so bad that a lot of people are going into shock. Apparently, a lot of people were expecting this administration to be yet another case of same shit, different day, and now that it’s evident that this really isn’t the case? They wanna blame the vocalist fronting the band; the Preznit. Or the smarter ones, who wanna blame the sound guy (Congress). That the latter polls so high is actually cause for some modest optimism.

But let’s be grown ups for a minute, hey? This is OUR fault. When you excuse away out-right laziness as some kind of justifiable apathy derived from cynicism, the assholes take over. Bottom line; we borrowed a shit ton of money from China and it’s going to have to be paid back and while we were all rah-rahing our little wankfest in Iraq, international banking took everything over.

Meanwhile, the loyal opposition has conned us into thinking it’s more offensive to call somebody a racist than get on the radio and yell nigger-nigger-nigger. “Muslim” will have to do until that becomes more fashionable than it is in Custer.

You can’t afford to be stupid and you can’t afford to tolerate stupidity in the people around you. As the American dialog deteriorates further and further into incoherence, empathy and a willingness to consider “the other point of view” won’t help anyone when there’s no fucking substance behind it in the first place.

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