Oh, hell

Was going to rant, earlier; this was preempted because, well? Some days, I just can’t seem to think clearly anymore. Fortunately, I now know that this is a byproduct of hypercapnea, which is caused by high concentrations of carbon dioxide in the blood. The down side is that there isn’t anything to be done for it but wait for it to clear up.

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    • Chester Emerson
    • August 19th, 2010

    Sorry you have to go through this, Max. Hope it does clear up soon so we can enjoy the brilliance of your rants once again.

      • Max Bell
      • August 19th, 2010

      At first I thought it was the hypercapnea; now I’m thinking it may also partly be fatigue. I started out talking about jobs and wound up raving about the repocalypse again. Stupid. But I’ve also deleted about seven posts since yesterday morning, so I finally said ‘fuck it’.

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