You fail at race war

The Reverend Wright, ACORN, the new Black Panther Party (both members!), NAACP, Sherrod…

In the last couple of days, this subject has been beaten to death far in excess of anything I’m capable of by better writers. Go read their shit; it’s good.

The real problem is simply that the disenfranchised, poor, white minority that’s buying into it (enabled by a non-poor, white minority whose interests aren’t racial, but financial) are going to wind up stuck in that space indefinitely. The history of racism has always been about the white poor thinking that if things get divided up by race, wealthy whites will let them into the club and they’ll finally have a shot at moving up in the world.

Of course, we know that doesn’t happen.

Because adversity builds character. Which is why they send their kids to private schools and hide in gated communities patrolled by rentacops and rant about the estate tax, but the only thing they’re willing to share with the working class is their sense of victimhood; entitlement derives from being a good person and not lazy and stuff.

And yet the American thing to do is not really hate them too much unless they’re dragging people behind their pickups or firebombing churches and what not. Like it or not, they’re Americans, too, and the only acceptable recourse is to put up with the embarrassment, acknowledge improvement where it’s occurred and get on with it, even when they make it impossible to take them seriously.

Yeah, dude, all your problems are caused by the fact that there’s a black man in office because he’s, you know, black and stuff. Have you considered getting a vasectomy?

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