Buck 65

Indestructable Sam.

I don’t listen to music much anymore. Which is not to say that there isn’t a lot of good stuff still being done — there is. But if I listen to the radio, it’s NPR or BBC, and if I listen to music at all, I don’t do anything else. I’ve lost the ability to listen and multitask.

But this is great. It’s intelligent, it’s lyrically dense, well rhymed; Buck 65 has the inimitable quality of flow. Anyone who has ever mumbled their way through Beck’s Loser knows that the form is deceptively simple but seldom mastered. This particular number has a great many fine qualities. It has a unique narrative. It combines completely disparate forms (country and hip hop, okay, but hip hop and banjo?). It’s whimsical without being saccharine.

And yes, this tune wasn’t a fluke. Wicked and Weird.

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    • babaganusz
    • July 16th, 2010

    thanks for the reminder. greatly enjoyed his Anticon work, and haven’t looked him up since ’03.

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