Peak Metafilter

Everyone needs to share my hatred of Metafilter. As evidence, I offer the previous link as proof of the venerable weblog’s unworthiness.

Reading Metafilter for the links is like masturbating to the articles in Playboy. You read it for the comments. And these days, you read them as an example of what to avoid, yourself. It isn’t just that EVERY thread devolves into a smug, hipper-than-thou snarkfest, its that its devolved into so much posturing poseurdom.

There’s a time for that sort of thing and a time to break down and have a serious discussion about something important. But when you’ve hit the point where EVERY topic is simply an opportunity to assert a formula, you’re on your way to irrelevance.

Metafilter is far from dead, but it’s really started to wind down. And there’s no replacement in sight.

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