Oh, yeah? Well your FACE is retarded!

Okay, so I started out with a couple of my standard rants and they were okay… And then I degenerated into blithering and just posting shit so that I was putting up something new once a day. I keep telling myself “this is blogging; it is not literature”. But this has the same effect as reminding myself that blog posts are not supposed to be twenty page dissertations on metaphysics and ontology.

It’s validating to watch the rest of the world sitting around and doing what I was doing thirty years ago. But I still look around and think “you know, this would all be a lot cooler if people just made a little more effort”. Which is about the antithesis of what the rest of the world is doing. Makes a certain sense; if you do something with the intention of having the end product be disposable, why wouldn’t you just phone it in?

Subsequently, I’ve been posting a lot of mediocre fluff that isn’t even of any interest to me. And much of the time, completely fucking THAT up, resulting in a three-quarter-assed result. But it’s actually a good thing. Degrade gracefully, as they say. Learn to fail. Learn to be wrong. Fall flat.

If 90% of success is showing up, 90% of showing up is sucking.

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    • jane
    • July 9th, 2010

    if writing is your thing, any sort of writing is great practice

      • Max Bell
      • July 10th, 2010

      More of a “when in Rome” thing, this time around.

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