“Collapse”, a love letter to Michael Ruppert

Nobody gives a shit what you think about Lindsey Lohan. But if you hit up the news aggregators today, that’s all anybody’s talking about.

This is what living in a civilization in decline looks like. Economic collapse, the post-energy economy followed by slow moving drop off in the global population. After all, forty years is a long ways away. Why not infantilize yourself now? And it’s not like you don’t have good reasons. You’re stressed out. You’re unhappy. Your job sucks. Your significant other sucks. TV sucks. Music sucks.

Sure things look bad, now. But they’re going to get better, right?


Of course they aren’t. You look at “normal” people out on the freeway; leased cars, mortgaged homes, a self-storage unit full of unsalable landfill. With the exception of a relative handful of items that might have some sentimental value, what does anyone actually own anymore?

Now look at the “third world”. Somalia’s nice this time of year. Now the gulf. Good, good… Now Europe and the recent G20 summit. You can probably throw in Iraq and Afghanistan, too, but why complicate things needlessly?

What do all of these things share in common?

You can figure that out on your own.

But in the interim, you should throw “Collapse” into your netflix cue.


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