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(Tobias anoints himself…)

Something else my hedgehogs and I share in common; we love our buds. Hedgehogs are attracted to strong odors; as I mentioned earlier, they mix all kinds of stuff (spilled beer, toothpaste, whatever is lying around) in with their saliva and anoint their quills with it as a defense mechanism. But hedgehogs have the equivalent reaction to marijuana that humans do; unlike dogs or cats, they enjoy it, and if they have the run of the place, like I prefer to let them have (Tobias lives in a Tupperware storage tub as there is no way to hedgehog proof this area), they will swarm you if you’re getting high.

This evening, I had the pleasant good fortune to find a sack that somebody had dropped at the 7-11, so with studied and practiced nonchalance, I kiped it. Later, when I loaded one, Tobias perked up right away. While we watched movies, I gave him a nug of his own, and he ate about half of it and used the rest to anoint himself with, as you can see above. This is the first time I’ve ever observed this behavior specifically; usually they just nom it and then get real laid back.

Presently, Tobias is back in his tub, working off the munchies and what seems to be a relatively mild case of cotton mouth. There are fireworks going off everywhere, but he’s neither agitated nor even particularly interested. Definitely a bonding experience, though. Was as friendly as he’s been to date, and completely unballed for the first time.

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    • jane
    • July 4th, 2010

    great bonding, I suppose he will be back to his usual self later?

      • Max Bell
      • July 4th, 2010

      Less so. He’s becoming friendlier.

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